No man's sky website

August 05, 2016

Hi all, as i am hyped for No man's sky :P I feelt like redesigning their website. I hope you like the concept design approach. :) Original

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The Bakery Website - Free PSD

July 20, 2016

Hi Guys, I guess we all love @Mike | Creative Mints work so i decided to rebound his awesome bakery design. So this is my version of bakery website. If you like what you see leave a like and hit the L KEY. Original Retina Also It's f...

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July 30, 2015

An experimental Design and Photography website layout. Real Pixel

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Multi Theme - Agency & eCommerce

April 01, 2015

Hi all, @Aaron Sananes Bose Redesign inspired me alot for this design. Its another ecommerce - agency design, i went with light text alot on this one. Might be too much light text? let me know. Any feedback will be appreciated. :) Rea...

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u Agency - Concept

March 04, 2015

Here is a little design concept i made for fun and also to get back in the flow of things. :) I hope you like it and leave some feedback. Real Pixel (photo credits to the respective owners)

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Compass Agency

December 08, 2014

Hi guys, So here is compass so far it's not quite done but i wanted to share with you guys. I was planning on putting this on themeforest but i will see about that. I hope you all like it so far and please leave feedback. :) View full...

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Compass Agency [WIP]

November 21, 2014

Hi all, Im working on a new theme at the moment and wanted to share the work in progress with you all. I hope you like it so far! : ) There will be more to come so at the moment the website might/does look cut off but it's wip. : ) Vie...

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