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We decided to make a design for the product we liked at Absolutely great idea with cool made design.

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Video player bisecu malachite

Bisecu Video Player

January 30, 2018

Hey Dribbble community! Here we have a video player used in Bisecu project, that describing “What is the smart lock”. We think this product will make our life better. Do you agree? -- Don't hesitate and drop us a line at our 📫 hi@malac...

Mobile scroll bisecu malachite

Mobile Scroll for Bisecu Homepage

January 18, 2018

Hi folks! We so excited to share with you the new part of bicycle protect project Bisecu and now you can see animated concept of scrolling used on mobile divices. Eager to hear your feedback! Remember to stay tuned for more. ––– Our 📫...

Bisecu Website

December 19, 2017

Hey guys! We continue to show you our vision for Bisecu project - the automatic lock for bicycles. Check the full pixels! Would love to hear your thoughts 😉. Also, check out the homepage animation we have done earlier. ––– Our 📫 still...

Bisecu malachite

Bisecu Homepage

November 27, 2017

Hello everyone! We want to present you a project called Bisecu! This is an innovation in the development of bicycle locks. Having seen this project we were so inspired that decided to show you how we see a website for this awesome produ...