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  1. 26 Feb Pro
    Stas Moor
    Commented on Burning Exercise

    Just some suggestions, if i may…
    — underline a link. It's just not always clear, what is clickable.
    — some of the fonts are really small and hard to read.
    — the buttons: "GO" & "Tell your friends" have somehow different stylings.
    — the "Performance Review"-bar, has stretched out corners.
    — overall i think it would be good to give it a bit more space.

    Keep it up :)

  2. 25 Feb Pro
    Stas Moor
    Commented on Notion branding

    Within the "ion" part, i can see a guy, with a big head, bowing to a guy, with a small head :) Not saying that it's bad.

    Awesome work, you guys did there!

  3. 22 Feb Pro
    Stas Moor
    Followed delmonto.