4e67eb5a6f29f4d64cdc5bb78720df0b Wood&Craft

by Nikita Lyubarshchuk

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Close view on lettering details

In this shot I want to show you layout with close view on details, animation of process and animation ofgrid. Attachment review is required!

September 19, 2016

Wood&Craft final

Final verison of logo vatriations with grunge stylization and color palette for hipster shop in Mocsow. Press 2x for close view. Thank you for attention an...

October 14, 2015


W&C grid

Wood&Craft logo grid. I spent for nearly 40 hours in illustrator to make final view. It was really hard work and after days near of my computer and a lot...

October 10, 2015


Final version of logotype with lettering for hipster shop in Moscow. More shots soon with colors and grid system.

October 10, 2015