Add to - Cart slider

September 06, 2015

Hi ! I had a some more free time to spare today, and I decided to do an other Dribbble to Codepen prototype ! I reproduced an awesome design of Paul Flavius Nechita ! From his project 100daysUI ! This card based "Add to" slider is a...


Skype Call inspired experience

May 25, 2015

Some CSS animations, and a lil bit of JS to toggle classes, and you've got a "Skype Call inspired experience" It uses some box shadows, and transitions/animations, to reproduce this user interaction in Skype. You can see it live on my ...

Fifty Shades Of <color>

February 12, 2015

Hi ! As you know, there is a new mainstream trend, about the book/movie "Fifty shades of Grey". I've seen a lot of artworks & web experiment about it, especially one from Chris Eppstein where he created a SASS mixin to display .. ...


CSS Bubbly lava

January 31, 2015

CSS can be so awesome sometimes! Yep, css, it's just few lines of css. I did it yesterday evening, around 4am, I was experimenting a bunch of things, at first, I wanted to make a loader out of it, but finally, I explored the awesome CSS...

Death CSStar

January 31, 2015

Hey! Here is a Death-star from Starwars made with CSS only! I was bored around 4am yesterday, so I decided to create one. The code is light, using only two HTML tags. Watch the live version : Here Play with the code : Here

Trinity grid ☲

January 29, 2015

Hi guys ! Here is one of my latest project, I think about it since a long time now, I had some free time yesterday, and I decided to create it. It's juste "an other" grid system, but this one got a secret, this one may be the simplest...


Menu to cross icon

January 19, 2015

Hi, here is a small project where I show several technics to create a menu icon that become a cross icon when clicked. You can view the code for each examples, and try it directly on codepen by clicking the codepen icon. Sometimes th...

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B mark [CSS]

January 16, 2015

"B mark" Designed by @Jonas and I just wanted to make a css version of it, I love the shape, the color tones, and I thought that with a bit of css magic, I could give a try! So basically, it's a bunch of triangles, 13 to be exact, and f...