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by Louis D. Wiyono | Wizmaya

5 Shots

Dewaweb Mascot Progress

Fun part of Dewaweb branding: mascot design. This character will strike some poses throughout the company's web pages (still on progress as well).

March 07, 2013


Kadobuta Front Page

Part of a fun project that we're working on. Still a draft and in progress.

May 01, 2012



A snippet of a travel company's web frontpage that we're working on. The cityscape illustration complements the footer section of the page.

July 08, 2011

Super tiger front page

Front Page

Front page illustration we are developing for the project. Emphasizing on China.

July 01, 2011

Snipe web 1

Snipe Web 1

Web frontpage draft, still experimenting with colors and background texture. Login interface is still a placeholder. Awesome illustration by Mark L Jarmin (h...

June 24, 2011