Sticker Pack Sketches

November 21, 2017

Mascot sketches made for Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger Stickers

May 04, 2017

Don't get scared and don't you forget to relax. Two more friends from our sticker pack. The fried egg resting on a slice of bacon is my absolute favorite one. Check it out in the application:

Kik Messenger Stickers

April 20, 2017

Whoa! Time to wake up. Here are two other sticker characters for Kik messenger: a pillow enjoying its balmy sleep and a kick-ass screaming alarm-clock.

Kik Messenger Stickers

March 10, 2017

Meet two other characters for kik messenger sticker pack: a scared paper bag and an amazed popcorn cup. Happy Friday, everyone!

Kik Messenger Stickers

March 06, 2017

We are continuing to brighten your week-days with our funny characters created for Kik messenger. Welcome your Monday with the sexy pizza slice and the sleepy cup of coffee! Happy Monday, folks!

Kik Stickers

February 28, 2017

Here are two more stickers from the sticker pack we've created for Kik messenger. More stickers are coming. Stay tuned! Check it out in the application:

The Literals - Kik Stickers

February 21, 2017

A couple of months ago we had a great opportunity to work on some hilarious sticker package for Kik messenger. A taxi in a hurry and an affectionate toaster are my two favorites. Stay connected to see more! Check it out in the applicat...