Logan Faerber Stock Images by Logan Faerber

A series of stock images that I'm designing. There are going to be 18 in total when the series is done.

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Monkey suit d

Monkey Suit

March 01, 2012

Yet another image for the stock illustration series. This one depicts the classic, "monkey in a business suit" scenario. It's definitely always fun to depict primates.

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Hiking d


February 29, 2012

Stock illustration for hiking.

Cutting board d

Cutting Board

February 29, 2012

Stock illustration of a vegetable being cut on a cutting board.

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Biking d


February 28, 2012

Bike riding stock image. I went with racing cyclists because it seemed to have more colors, energy and applications than say, a casual biker may have. Also, I love their clothing choices; especially when in competitions.

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Growing money d

Growing Money

February 27, 2012

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Guitar player d

Guitar Player

February 25, 2012

Guitar player stock illustration. I decided to to use a warmer complimentary color scheme to give it a fun feel, rather than the bluish tones I started with.

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Puzzle building d

Puzzle Building

February 22, 2012

Another image for the stock image project. This one dealing with the theme of construction, building and development.

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Bro syndrome d

Bro Syndrome

February 22, 2012

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