Lewy Dohren Open Goals Illustrations by Lewy Dohren

I was approached by the Liverpool FC Foundation to create a series of illustrated playing cards that would be used for a new sports project at the club.

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Open Goals 'Grown-Ups' Illustrations

October 24, 2018

Here is the final character created in the Open Goals illustration series. Each character and their expressions would be added to a fully customisable file along with other assets to provide the client and it's internal design team with ...

Open Goals 'Grown-Ups' Illustrations

October 16, 2018

Here are some of the expression used for this character. It was soon noticed that the laughter expression would be used the most within the full illustrations and designs.

Open Goals 'Grown-Ups' Illustrations

October 15, 2018

Another adult character that would be used in the family illustrations for the sports project.

Open Goals 'Grown-Ups' Illustrations

October 08, 2018

Here is one of the characters created that could be assigned to a father role depending on desired interpretation.

Open Goals 'Grown-Ups' Illustrations

October 03, 2018

Here is the older character cracking out a few of his expressions. Ideally we would have worked with the full emotional spectrum but for this project the most suitable expressions where fun and playful ones.

Open Goals 'Grown-Ups' Illustrations

October 02, 2018

Here is one of the older characters created for the illustrations. Each character was created in a fully customisable file and the client had full access to the files throughout the project. This helped to keep the communication open and...

Open Goals 'Grown-Ups' Illustrations

September 24, 2018

Here is a split view of one of the 'Grown-Up' characters for the playing card series. Although this seemed as it could be a parent character, it was important to not assign any strict or specific roles and leave it open to interpretation...

Open Goals 'Gown-Ups' Illustrations

September 20, 2018

Again sticking with the 4 core expressions we had to settle on ones that were relevant to the nature of the playing cards