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  1. 20 Mar
    Paweł Durczok
    Dribbbled North of Rapture - Final as a rebound of Nor Wip2
  2. 20 Mar
    Paweł Durczok
    Commented on redesign

    Nice one dude. Looks great.

  3. 14 Mar
    Paweł Durczok
    Commented on Nor Wip2

    @Ilya Ostashev Thank you. :)
    I may post the initial felt tip pen version and the following sketch.
    And that is what I actually used. I was just doodling with a basic felt pen, trying to figure out the style I wanted for it, and I liked one version so much that I've decided to use it. I did a pencil sketch over it and then went into Illustrator for a vector pass. :)

  4. 13 Mar
    Paweł Durczok
    Dribbbled Nor Wip2 as a rebound of North of Rapture - WIP1