1. PTO/Wellness animation playful animation lemonly character illustration
    View PTO/Wellness animation
    PTO/Wellness animation
  2. Work from home character design lemonly illustration
    View Work from home
    Work from home
  3. Happiness! character playful animation lemonly illustration
    View Happiness!
  4. Chevy SUV Picker interactive photo illustration combination nature quiz outdoors environment character design illustration photo vehicle
    View Chevy SUV Picker
    Chevy SUV Picker
  5. πŸ”Š πŸ”Š ENCOURAGE MINT πŸ”Š πŸ”Š south dakota animation sioux falls michael mazourek lemonly mint fun encouragement encourage mint
  6. Chit Chat lemonly sioux falls south dakota mike mazoo michael mazourek store ipad character animation animation
    View Chit Chat
    Chit Chat
  7. BINGO lemonly south dakota sioux falls mike mazoo light bulb speech bubble magnifying glass search bar gear character animation boy
    View BINGO
  8. Generative Design abstract person female woman character plauyful floor plan chair furniture architecture designer generative design
    View Generative Design
    Generative Design
  9. Shaping the Landscape millenial business diversity bright colorful team work fashion human pattern playful infographic animation svg geometric organic shapes people illustration
    View Shaping the Landscape
    Shaping the Landscape
  10. Shape Shifters infographic animation svg illustration person bright playful geometry back man woman character simple pattern shapes people
    View Shape Shifters
    Shape Shifters
  11. Character design character lemonly illustration
    View Character design
    Character design
  12. Software on a Mission infographic character gradient agile research computer modern world technology software
    View Software on a Mission
    Software on a Mission
  13. Valentine's Day playful design animation character illustration
    View Valentine's Day
    Valentine's Day
  14. Internal Comms
    View Internal Comms
    Internal Comms
  15. Sample Wizard Cheat Sheet science lab submission character illustration
    View Sample Wizard Cheat Sheet
    Sample Wizard Cheat Sheet
  16. Manchester Marriott Victoria and Albert Hotel 1 warehouse texture infographic illustration building architecture hotel
    View Manchester Marriott Victoria and Albert Hotel 1
    Manchester Marriott Victoria and Albert Hotel 1
  17. Research Findings woman vector visual design brand unknown discovery pathways scifi explore flashlight abstract scientist researcher data illustration findings research
    View Research Findings
    Research Findings
  18. Peace Out south dakota michael mazourek mike mazoo lemonly flowers foliage plants bird parrot dog jungle forest animation character animation character
    View Peace Out
    Peace Out
  19. Jungle Safari south dakota michael mazourek mike mazoo lemonly plants rose flower tree leaves leaf plant foliage forest rain forest annual report
    View Jungle Safari
    Jungle Safari
  20. Beatle Boogie motion graphics animation mike mazoo michael mazourek lemonly foliage animals tree flower butterfly forest leaf leaves dance bug beatle
    View Beatle Boogie
    Beatle Boogie
  21. Pool Time red hair swim relax water summer illustration character lady curvy woman grapefruit orange lemon citrus floaty pool
    View Pool Time
    Pool Time
  22. Annual Report Microsite motion graphics illustration lemonly michael mazourek mike mazoo flower greenhouse window dog butterfly plants foliage forest character animation
    View Annual Report Microsite
    Annual Report Microsite
  23. Donut Day michael mazourek mike mazoo mazoo lemonly dessert pastry animation 2d 3d animation holiday donut day donut
    View Donut Day
    Donut Day
  24. Newport Beach mike mazoo fountain city leaves plant character ocean foliage shopping beach
    View Newport Beach
    Newport Beach
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