1. Responsive Landing Page

  2. Responsive Landing Page

  3. Chillhop LoFi Hip Hop Icon

  4. Logos for The Nature Conservancy

  5. Bauhaus Calculator

  6. Mobile Credit Card Checkout

  7. Insert (Tear and Share Cards) for WWF Direct Mailer

  8. Only monsters don't practice social distancing

  9. Super Tuesday 2020

  10. Half-fold brochure for Art Enables

  11. Photo Restoration

  12. Girl with a pearl barrette

  13. Einstein's Quantum Theory Of Light

  14. ALX Code & Coffee MeetUp Sticker

  15. FastPass Countdown App Logo

  16. Virginia "I Voted" Sticker

  17. Tribute Website for Jim Henson

  18. Quote Machine App

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