R5 Modals

July 26, 2017

Collection of modals used on the R5 application. Generally an overlooked and under appreciated part of design, these modals provide majority of the functionality of our application. I wanted to make them clean and easy to use, avoiding a...

R5 sidebar comments

Comments Sidebar R5

July 21, 2017

Animations of the comments sidebar on the client review side of the R5 app. Utilizing a drawer allows for more space to view varying sized banners, while still providing the functionality to leave comments.

Campaign R5

July 19, 2017

Campaign card dashboard for organizing banner uploads to the application.

R5 Clients Dashboard

July 14, 2017

Sidebar navigation and clients page.

R5 Dashboard

July 11, 2017

Dashboard layout for uploading and interacting with html5 banners. The structure of the app utilizes three main states; clients, campaigns, and banners in order to create stronger organization for larger teams, while still being easy to ...

R5 Notifications Sidebar

July 06, 2017

I've been working the last few weeks on an application to solve a major pain my team faces. Sharing HTML5 and gif web banners with clients, what seems like a simple process always ends up taking too much time and causes too many headache...