Visit San Francisco

April 26, 2012

Next up in the series, SF. I was really excited about this one, so I hope that I did the great city justice! Figuring out an appropriate phrase was hard, so I ended up with with this one...

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Visitportland sm

Visit Portland

April 24, 2012

Third part of the series. I'm on a roll! I figured I would jump to Portland, and have a bit of fun. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated! Thanks guys.

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Visitlasvegas small

Visit Vegas

April 23, 2012

The next city in the series. Sin City. Figured I would move west first, then start working my way around. Thoughts? Suggestions? Shoot em my way!

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Visitslc small

Visit SLC

April 19, 2012

Got bored last night, and decided to play around. This was the end result.

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