Up48 by Luis da Silva

Up48 is a Todo List App with a simplistic user interface and amazing interactions. Its main focus is to allow the user to add and manage user tasks easily.

4 Shots + 1 Attachment


Up48 App + Wireframing Journey

March 09, 2017

Some wireframing studies about this Up48 todo Android app. This is just a small teaser of what I'm currently working on my spare time. Can you guess? Stay tuned.

Up48 - Concept Icon

January 13, 2017

One of *many* concept icons done so far. Keep tuned for more.


Up48 - Adding an item

January 12, 2017

Another shot of this simple Todo List App. More to come 💃 Keep tuned! – Principle prototype attached

Up48 - *Not* another Todo List App

January 09, 2017

Up48 is a simple and easy to use Todo List App. This is an ongoing side-project app that @Ataul Munim and I are building. (Thumbs up to him +1) Our main focus is to create a really simple and eye-catching Todo List App (I can gladly say...