1. Dribbble invite

  2. Identity for the photographer is minimal

  3. Design instagram for interior designer

  4. Corporate identity for the photographer is minimal

  5. color palette for my project

  6. Logo for photographer

  7. Logo for interior design

  8. logo for the yoga studio

  9. Logo for yoga studio

  10. Businesscard for language school

  11. Template Fenhel Coral

  12. Flayer for language school

  13. Template Fenhel Izumrud

  14. Identety for interior design agency

  15. Template Fenhel Gold

  16. Certificate

  17. Template Fenhel Marsal

  18. Landing page design for farm

  19. Corporate identity for interior design agency

  20. Webdesign for jewerly

  21. Logo for interior design agency

  22. Landing page for premium bathroom remodeling

  23. Logo for balloons

  24. Design concept for my future personal website

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