Timeline Master Case Study

May 16, 2018

Hey Dribbble fam! A couple months ago we wrapped up a super cool dashboard project for dental industry, solving many challenges in the process. Dashboards are usually trying to solve very generic issues due to the fact that a lot of them...

Timeline Master - Dashboard

October 12, 2017

Still working on Timeline Master project. Here is a simple dashboard displaying mixed company stats. Press ♥ for l’amour and catch ya’s later! -- Looking to work with our creative team? Let's talk!. BE - FB - TW

Timeline Master - Time Table

September 12, 2017

Wanted to share with you another section of Timeline Master project. This one is a timeline view of people and procedures across different departments over a period of time. Soooo... basically, it's a schedule :) Press ♥ for l’amour an...


Timeline Master - Logo Case

September 11, 2017

Logo case for Timeline Master. Considering time sensitivity of the project, we had one shot with limited time and only created a single version - luckily, the client liked it. The approach evolves around combining letters T and M in neg...

Timeline Master - Project Details

September 07, 2017

Lately, we’ve been working on several project management designs - and here is yet another one. The tool is aimed at established businesses that are looking to streamline their processes, making the company run more efficiently. However...

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