Kara Jurgensen Daily UI Challenge by Kara Jurgensen

Light on the "Daily", heavy on the "UI Challenge". I like to spend a good amount of time on each one to think through the best possible solutions.

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Dailyui 033

Daily UI #033

August 18, 2017

Customize Product. Concept for a pizza ordering app for my favorite local pizza spot - HomeSlice 🙌🏼 🍕 Tools: Sketch, Principle

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Dailyui031 upload

Daily UI #031

August 01, 2017

File Upload Enjoyed working on this concept last time, so I wanted to keep it going. This is exploring how it could work to upload screens in InVision Sync. (Also had fun getting a little more Principle practice)

Daily UI #030

July 28, 2017

Pricing - decided to keep going with the same app concept. Feedback welcome!

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Daily UI #029

June 23, 2017

Map Decided to keep going on the same concept from yesterday. Feedback welcome!

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Daily UI #028

June 21, 2017

Contact Us My concept for this one was a nail salon appointment booking page #Convenience (

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Daily UI #027

June 20, 2017

Dropdown Since the InVision Sync app just has the default dropdown style right now, I decided to rethink how it could look with a custom dropdown. Feedback welcome!

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Daily UI #026

June 14, 2017


Daily UI #025

June 06, 2017

TV App Probably the most productive thing I've ever done with Netflix haha. This was my first time ever designing something for TV UI, so I spent a lot more time trying to figure out the best solutions. Definitely, a bigger challenge th...

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