Sange watch

by Kingyo

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Timer on Sange watch. Please check @2x for better view.

June 29, 2014


Sange watch 05 [GIF]

Sange watch can detect your heart rate in real time, and tell you the current energy value. ---

January 12, 2014


Sange watch 04 [GIF]

One feature of the Sange watch is the finding. It helps you find your phone or the person who also wears the watch. --- Check out @2x for a better view!

January 02, 2014


Sange watch voice [GIF]

The real voice is not required to be converted into text and communicate. This is like with your secretary dialogue, more simple and convenient. ---

December 01, 2013


Sange watch 02 [GIF]

This is a smart watch concept. It not only has the time and weather information, but also has data analysis function. You can see the first part here. ---

November 24, 2013