1. John Barber visual identity procreate art procreateapp oldschool tattoo barber barber logo vector logo ipadproart ipadpro graphic art graphic design design illustration art
    John Barber visual identity
  2. Toque Belga visual identity belgium gaufre visual art visual design logos logo design logotype logodesign visual identity brand identity vector art vector logo ipadproart ipadpro art graphic art graphic design design illustration
    Toque Belga visual identity
  3. Chinese Dragon illustration art digital art ipadproart ipadpro tattoo longboard chinese culture digital painting digital illustration procreate art procreate graphic art art illustration
    Chinese Dragon
  4. Black drawings digital painting illustration art procreate ipadproart surfing tattoo art blackwork art ipadpro graphic art illustration
    Black drawings
  5. OriginalMy new website blockchain cryptocurrency blockchaintechnology technology blockchain illustration digital minimalism originalmy art website concept graphic art ui website ui design redesign website design branding ux graphic design illustration design
    OriginalMy new website
  6. Occupational therapy service newspaper | Volunteer project volunteering procreate art procreateapp vector art vector ipadpro ipadproart design art character design graphic design illustration graphic art
    Occupational therapy service newspaper | Volunteer project
  7. Talks Live | Event Identity event logo event branding logotypedesign logodesign logotype user interface vector branding colorpalette vector art ui graphic art art graphic design illustration blockchain
    Talks Live | Event Identity
  8. OriginalMy | Logo Redesign redesigned redesign concept brand branding design brand design brand identity logotype design logos logodesign logotype ux icon typography branding vector art logo ui graphic art graphic design design
    OriginalMy | Logo Redesign
  9. Under the motion of the moon planets artists lightning nasa graphic art character design graphic design design ipadpro moon space astronaut art illustration procreate
    Under the motion of the moon
  10. UX/UI Clients Area user interface iconography icon design user interface design user experience userinterface art colorpalette graphic art design sketchapp noverde uxuidesign uidesigner ux ui
    UX/UI Clients Area
  11. Onboarding illustration noverde graphic art artist illustrator onboarding gif creation character animation process motion graphics art wacom intuos motion design sketchapp vector graphic design design character design character illustration
    Onboarding illustration
  12. New Noverde website fintech startup app ux designer art graphic design branding graphic art sketchapp ui-designer ui artist webdesign webdesigner site design website illustration colorpalette ui noverde design
    New Noverde website
  13. Noverde loan simulator experience sketchapp branding noverde graphic design design ui ux designer simulator simulation loan
    Noverde loan simulator experience
  14. Google Play / Noverde graphic design noverde character design illustration design ui screendesign screen googleplay
    Google Play / Noverde
  15. Loan Trade Show money loan noverde art colorpalette design graphic design vector art character design illustration
    Loan Trade Show
  16. Illustration style guide for Noverde style guide vector art graphic design noverde colorpalette character design illustration
    Illustration style guide for Noverde
  17. Ghost Rider art design graphic  design vector art bike character design illustration
    Ghost Rider
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