Kpdesign catherine final

Re-election Campaign Postcard

February 07, 2015

Final design for Catherine Parker's re-election campaign postcard. I love getting new and interesting projects such as this one! Best of luck to you Catherine!

Kpdesign david ferme print front

La Ferme du Moulin des Chartreux

January 15, 2015

Final postcard design for Ferme du moulin des chartreux. Learn more about the farm here:

Kpdesign plenty more fish in the sea

Plenty More Fish in the Sea

February 04, 2014

drum roll please.......the final fish: "Plenty More Fish in the Sea" ©KPdesign 2014 prints:

Kpdesign plentymorefish4

Plenty More Fish in the Sea

February 04, 2014

newest illustration...updates to come!

Kpdesign plentymorefish

Plenty More Fish in the Sea

January 29, 2014

Working on a new illustration...

 kpdesign onechild

One Child, Our Future

August 31, 2012

Hand-Painted postcards for 'One Child, Our Future' - a non-profit promoting child abuse awareness. *After creating the initial 'Earth' mark and hand written typeface for the non-profit, I was designated as the art director for the proje...

 kpdesign snailpop


August 23, 2012

Lollipop, lollipop, o-la-la-snailpop

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 kpdesign mistaken id

Mistaken Identity

August 22, 2012