Nektar get notified page

February 09, 2014

The last few weeks I've been working on re-enlightening a project which fizzled out more than 12 months ago. Am now full steam ahead to get this startup up and running again. Here is a redesigned temporary 'get notified' page.

39 nektar datepicker

Nektar Datepicker

July 15, 2012

Another shot of the Nektar Dashboard with the datepicker activated. This is a screenshot from the coded html. Don't forget to see the real pixels attached.

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37 nektar module action conversion

Action Conversion

July 03, 2012

Action conversion module for Nektar

36 nektar module top user

Top User

July 02, 2012

Top user module for Nektar

35 nektar module all time happiness

All Time Happiness

July 02, 2012

All time happiness/sadness module for Nektar

34 nektar sales website

Nektar Homepage

July 02, 2012

Corner shot of a simple first stage Nektar sales website. Check out the large file for full mockup.

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26 nektar module engagement


May 03, 2012

Engagement module for Nektar

25 nektar module posts

Post Ratio

April 20, 2012

Post ratio module for the Nekar dashboard