Design and Product Analysis by Justin Roberts

Examples of some of my working process artefacts. These could be to support engineering, to gain alignment, to communicate an idea etc.

10 Shots


Core Loop System Map

December 13, 2016

A system map to highlight differing roles within a product ecosystem and how they have a symbiotic relationship. This also communicates that each role has a different need and core loop within the app. This artefact was used to help com...

User Flow Story Map

May 16, 2016

Pencils, Paper & Post-its are the best tools to work through any type of customer experience, user journey or service design. I'm working though a complex flow for a very broad and subjective problem. I need to first clearly define...

Sketched flow and user story breakdown

April 30, 2016

A sketched flow I used to communicate an epic and the high-level phased stories. This was the third iteration on the flow and I was writing the user stories in conjunction with sketching this out. After completing, I took a photo and at...

UI Flow Whiteboard

October 12, 2015

So it's been almost 2 years since i've uploaded a shot here to dribbble. During that time this is what I've been doing most of. (Low-fi ideation and software delivery) Pixel perfect UI is just no longer something that is part of my job....

Wireframe Dashboard Concept

January 30, 2014

The early stage of a project status board i'm working on which will be displayed on a large LCD and must be viewable from a distance. There's a lot of fairly complex information to communicate so this is an experiment to trial sizing, ba...

Paper App Flow

January 17, 2014

Was inspired by @Tomas Kopecny to go buy a stylus and sketch out some ideas using Paper by FiftyThree. Here's my first cut... hopefully I get better. This is a basic signup and onboarding process for an app i'm working on atm.

49 customer journey

CX Map / User Journey

December 28, 2013

A portion of a metre long customer experience map I designed after numerous workshops, user interviews and support call analysis. The purpose of this exercise was to create a birds eye view of the customer experience and highlight known ...

45 dashboard sketch

Dashboard Sketch

December 18, 2013

My first shot uploaded in quite a while. I haven't been doing much visual design the last 12 months. Have mostly been trying to improve the customer experience and implement Lean/Agile UX methodologies within the software company I work ...