Julio Castellano TAB by Julio Castellano

Product design work from my time at TAB. Worked on refreshing all the products from the ground up. Native iOS, Android Apps, iPad and websites.

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Quaddie animation compress

Racing App Animation

December 18, 2017

Hola Dribbblers, Here is a micro-interaction concept I created for selecting horses and changing races. I did this for the TAB apps early in the year. This has now been created and released with the apps refresh. This was done using a...

iOS App Information Architecture

September 05, 2017

App Information Architecture of a preferences section. These maps are great to see where all the navigation is pointing to and how it all fits together. This one is too long to fit onto a Dribbble shot! See pixels attached.

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TAB on all the devices

July 29, 2017

TAB on all the different platforms. Working on large projects across multi platforms is always super fun! So many different scenarios and experiences to consider. We have a big secret release coming out very soon! Stay tuned for mor...

Sketch Work - On The Grind

July 17, 2017

On the grind in Sketch! Nothing like that feeling when you have completed 90 different art boards ready to test for a new feature on the two mobile platforms iOS & Android. The best is when you finally get them all into InVision a...

iOS App Wire Flows Dribbble

June 01, 2017

Completed iOS App Wire Flows Journey to explain a complex bet type for the current TAB App I am working on. This is the already released version now it's time to iterate and improve the flows and minimise touch points! Iterate, iterat...

TAB Android App

September 21, 2016

The TAB Android App is here! We have been working hard on it for a while now. This app follows the Google Material Design guidelines to maintain the best User Experience and User Interface (UX-UI) for the customers. See more on Mater...


Speed Map Animation

September 15, 2016

Concept for Speed Maps on our iOS App. Designed it in Sketch then animated in Principle & After Effects.

TAB iOS App Refresh

September 14, 2016

We have been working hard on the new update of the TAB iOS App. This time around enjoy live sports vision and an overall UI / UX upgrade following the Human Interface Guidelines to give a better experience for all the customers out ther...