Julio Castellano FedeRent by Julio Castellano

Product (UX/UI) design for FedeRent. A new start-up coming out of Sydney, Australia. I am the sole designer of all this work.

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FedeRent F

March 14, 2018

F is for FedeRent. Made in Sketch.

FedeRent Logo

March 10, 2018

Identity design for FedeRent. A startup based in Sydney, Australia. This company will be one to watch in 2018.

FedeRent Website Illustration

December 21, 2017

Hola Dribbblers, Here is one of the illustrations I created for the FedeRent startup website and app. I realised how much I actually enjoy doing digital illustrations during this project. Definitely going to start pushing myself to cr...

FedeRent Website Design

December 09, 2017

A sneak peek of a very interesting startup I am designing for at the moment. FedeRent is going to be huge, its such a good idea! Was happy to get my illustrations going for this website as well as all of the UX & UI. Stay tuned f...