Tabbar revision

Tab bar iPhone app design - Round2

February 01, 2012

Another revision the client asked me recently that gives even more personality in my opinion. I had the pleasure to test the iphone version and it's pretty sweet :)


ChatCheckin design iPhone app | UI / UX

January 03, 2012

Remember ChatCheckin? They just asked to work on few more screens and improve certain things before going live. Follow me on twitter if you want to stay in touch with the progress of this page! Big thanks again to Konstantin for the b...


iPhone app design | chat app | UI / UX

August 18, 2011

Here's the last screen for Chat Check in! No more after this one! Thanks to all of you for the feedbacks you gave me and the lovely comments. I really appreciate it! FULL SIZE ATTACHED !

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iPhone App ChatCheckin design | UI / UX

August 17, 2011

Here's a new screen! I took some of the feedbacks you guys gave me. Thanks again to all of you!


IOS ChatCheckin Website, homepage UI Design / iPhone App

August 16, 2011

Hey guys! Thanks you so much for the love you gave to this project. Here's an early preview of the website. I still have to work on the bottom part, the logo and few other stuff but I'm almost there!


New iPhone app design | Edit Profile UI,UX interface

August 11, 2011

Hey guys! Here's another shot taking feedbacks from you guys. Still needs some tweaks but I feel like it looks kinda perfect now. The next shot will be the website :) Stay tune.

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New IOS iPhone app design | Settings UI,UX interface

August 10, 2011

Here's another screen of the settings screen. I still have to tweak few things but I think I like the simplicity of it! I can not wait to show you the website :)


New iPhone app design | Map UI,UX interface

August 09, 2011

Here's a preview of one of my last iPhone app design :) Those pins are 100% vectors and I will give them away for free maybe tomorrow! Stay tune!

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