Juiiicy Designer's Portfolio

January 15, 2014

Hey Guys... Here's another screen we pushed months ago. It is what a client sees when clicking on the profile of a designer. It pulls all the dribbble shots of a designer but we branded it a bit more like juiiicy since you stay on juiiic...

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Payment Flat UI Homepage design for Juiiicy

January 10, 2014

Hey Guys... Couple of weeks ago we did few updates on Juiiicy. We improved some of the visuals like the font, spacing, layout and we also made it responsive since so many of you asked for it. My best friend and I are still putting some...

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Screen shot 2013 07 08 at 11.37.58 pm

Juiiicy branding: Quick look at the final result!

July 09, 2013

Watch this video for a quick look at the final result. This video was made to give a taste to the people who are willing to join our community or waiting for an invitation. Share the love :) Btw the site is doing really well. Some Refer...

Screen shot 2013 06 03 at 8.47.05 pm

Juiiicy Homepage Flat Design !

June 03, 2013

Hey Guys, I'm so thrilled to announce that we have launched Juiiicy for good after 3 months working all weekends on it! It's so awesome for Jeremy and me to build and launch something that could help a lot of freelance designers. We alre...

Screen shot 2013 03 25 at 7.09.15 pm

Juiiicy Payment page design

March 25, 2013

If you haven't heard about Juiiicy yet, Juiiicy is a private community for designers to share work inquiries. Go check the live version now to request an invite! http://juiiicy.com/ Here's some icons I designed for the payment page. I w...

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Screen shot 2013 03 21 at 8.41.25 pm

Share you job inquiries & apply to then on Juiiicy.com

March 21, 2013

What is Juiiicy? Juiiicy is a private community for designers to share work inquiries. If you are a designer with more job inquiries than you have time for, or if you are a designer looking for work, Juiiicy is for you. Why Build Juiii...