1. UI Exercise #1 social media experimental concept twitter aftereffects animation ui design ui
    View UI Exercise #1
    UI Exercise #1
  2. Jewelry Start-up Identity Concept copy copywriting start up startup photomanipulation identity brand identity business card branding mockups 3d color internet vaporwave brand jewelry
    View Jewelry Start-up Identity Concept
    Jewelry Start-up Identity Concept
  3. Colorized Art Posters branding and identity conceptual concept art concept macabre dark goth gothic font gothic illustration art ink branding illustration
    View Colorized Art Posters
    Colorized Art Posters
  4. Complementary Colors Credit Card Switch gradient 3d icon bigsur big sur illustration financial banking video switch animation card creditcard credit complementary colors
    View Complementary Colors Credit Card Switch
    Complementary Colors Credit Card Switch
  5. Retro Matchstick Box matchbox branding concept retro branding design mockup packaging mockup packaging logo branding
    View Retro Matchstick Box
    Retro Matchstick Box
  6. M.O.S.T. Branding tshirt guidelines vector archives branding concept brading and identity logo branding
    View M.O.S.T. Branding
    M.O.S.T. Branding
  7. UI Exercise #2 dailyui xd uidesign ui uiux exercise app design design app design checkout adobexd
    View UI Exercise #2
    UI Exercise #2
  8. Poetry Book Design custom design concept art outsourced curated art curation book cover booking illustration book cover design book poetry
    View Poetry Book Design
    Poetry Book Design
  9. Design For Good Face Mask Challenge icon illustration psychedlic hippie acid lsd paper blotter 60s trippy covid19
    View Design For Good Face Mask Challenge
    Design For Good Face Mask Challenge
  10. Growth is my only intent duality line modern logos interaction logo design flowers logo mark
    View Growth is my only intent
    Growth is my only intent
  11. 50s Scissors unsued primary colors scissors illustration graphic fifties 50s
    View 50s Scissors
    50s Scissors
  12. Fowl Play. sunset pink flamingo cubist cubism flat  design gradient vector icon illustration
    View Fowl Play.
    Fowl Play.
  13. Hair Stylist Personal Logo salon branding hair stylist logo personal
    View Hair Stylist Personal Logo
    Hair Stylist Personal Logo
  14. Emotional/Cognitive Extremes Diagram branding ui icon design  front-end  back-end kelly green green webdesign cause-related nonprofit infographic uiux emotional design emotional bipolar depression
    View Emotional/Cognitive Extremes Diagram
    Emotional/Cognitive Extremes Diagram
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