Mercedes-Benz Connect Concept - Location

November 29, 2017

Having an autonomous connected car will be great. Imaging seeing your parked car on the map, and simply tapping "Drive to Me" for your car to come pick you up out front wherever you are located.

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Mercedes-Benz Connect Concept - Charging

November 28, 2017

Experimenting with a Mercedes-Benz Connect App concept inside the iPhone X. This could be a simple screen to expand the battery information to see the charge, range and time remaining. (Interaction intentionally slowed)

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Mercedes-Benz Connect Concept - Climate Control

November 14, 2017

Im pushing my Mercedes-Benz connect concept app further. This is an example of what the climate control screen could look like, Easily set the indoor temp, seat warmers/coolers, and open the sunroof remotely from the app

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Mercedes-Benz Connect

September 19, 2017

Experimenting with a Mercedes-Benz Connect app concept inside the iPhone X form factor: 1. I'm excited to see Mercedes step up their game with an exciting connected future. Being able to control your car from your phone is really cool, ...

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