Glutton Bulges and Wiggle Lines

June 14, 2016

Taking in the feedback from Bobby McKenna ( and Josh Apostolopoulos ( • Chopped out the tiny bit of the left side of the first /t to create a more intentional space betwee...

Glutton Colapse Lines

June 03, 2016

Here's some of the fantastic feedback I got at TypeThursday yesterday ( • Create more dimensionality by stacking each letter in front of the next one. This will also remove the weird negative space...

Glutton Capital Shrinked

May 30, 2016

Applied the suggestion by Bart Vollebregt ( ) to shorten the capital /G. Really locks in the capital to the lowercase. Y'all agree?

Glutton /t/t Liga

May 27, 2016

Took some great input by @NikitaProkhorov to clarify the /t/t ligature. Do you guys thinks it's working?

Screen shot 2016 05 27 at 2.12.29 pm


May 27, 2016

Always had a love for graffiti bubble letters. Well, finally got a brief where I have to make it work for a logomark. Everyone, what's your thoughts?

Screen shot 2015 08 18 at 7.21.19 pm

A day's update

August 18, 2015

Fleshing out, fixing, still seeing tons to work on...

Noshman 08 17 15

Swirls, Shadows and Inline

August 17, 2015

Testing out color combos. Please forgive my cardinal sin of outlining in Illustrator :-X I swear I'll clean up that mess next round.


A Lil' Surprise

November 13, 2013