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JibJab Design re-designed the UI and UX in 2015, to include JibJab's signature video cards, to be more search driven, and to enhance the "selfie" experience.

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Jibjab dribbble app02 wordart2

JibJab App - Word Art

February 05, 2016

The JibJab App contains a grab bag of different GIFs and videos, but the Design Team had a blast introducing animated typography to the mix. Design Credits Creative Direction: https://dribbble.com/jawshsmyth UI/UX: https://dribbble.com/...

JibJab App - The Website

February 05, 2016

As with most apps, the JibJab app received its very own dedicated webpage, designed by https://dribbble.com/himay. Check out the vertical swipe and animations here: http://app.jibjab.com/

Jibjab app announce 00

JibJab App Announcement

February 05, 2016

To celebrate the newly re-designed app, we sent out a fun email designed by https://dribbble.com/gregmako, that incorporates a little animation from https://dribbble.com/marysolstepanof.

JibJab - The App Design

February 04, 2016

The JibJab Design and Product teams spent most of 2015 re-thinking and re-designing the JibJab app as a new experience with enhanced features and new types of content, such as the signature JibJab "Starring You" cards. Creative Directi...

Jibjabapp ftue animation

JibJab - The App

January 12, 2016

The JibJab Design team launched a re-designed version of the JibJab app in 2015 with a new logotype and brighter color palette. Download the JibJab App here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jibjab-send-funny-stuff/id875561136?mt=8 Cre...