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Motor City - Outline - Now Available!

March 09, 2016

An outline version of Motor City is now available for purchase through the @Carmel Type Co. shop to give you an extra layer of creativity and control when designing with this typeface. We have more layers planned for this typeface in t...

Motor City - Outline (Coming Soon)

February 17, 2016

Coming soon to the @Carmel Type Co. shop - a sleek and complimentary outline style to the Motor City font - great for layering your type and adding secondary colors and accents or even as a hallow knockout letter. http://www.carmeltype...

Iron Horse Whiskey

January 25, 2016

Label design for a fictitious whiskey brand utilizing my newest typeface Motor City (with a hint of Dolcetto from @Drew Melton and some vintage design ornaments from Gary Godby too). Check out the full typeface over at our @Carmel Type C...

Motor City

January 21, 2016

Another specimen image of the new Motor City typeface I designed. Check out the attachments to see the rest of the characters and some other specimens. You can buy it now at the @Carmel Type Co. shop:

Motor City

January 20, 2016

Here's a specimen image I created showing Motor City functioning at a variety of sizes - from 800 points all the way down to 6 points (best viewed on our website or in the attachment). Ideally this typeface would be used for headlines, b...

Motor City

January 19, 2016

An industrial strength slab-serif inspired by Detroit itself, Motor City is a heavyweight titan of type that breathes diesel and exudes brawn. Defined by its trapezoidal serifs that were characteristic of many Detroit-centric sign-painte...

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