Sagram Behance Case Study

April 23, 2014

Hi dribbble, I have finished Sagram project and you can read about whole design process and all screens on my Behance. Check full Sagram Behance Project - -------- Learn Mo...


March 30, 2014

It took me 2 months and lot of long evenings to create this. But I’m proud to say that only 1 screen remaining now. I’ll post full case study in few days on my Behance. It’s one of the biggest projects which I’ve ever created. Now we hav...


Sagram - Pie Chart Animation

March 19, 2014

Another preview from this app. I love these graphs. I’ve attached .mov and I really suggest you to check it on your device (iPhone 5) it’s soo cool. Animation created by @Lukas Kus in After Effects. Check full Sagram Behance Project -...

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Sagram - Navigation

December 17, 2013

I'm still working on this app. This time, I want to show you the navigation where I want to divide the actual website from the menu by splitting the background into two blocks. What do you think about it? Check full Sagram Behance Proje...

Sagram - Dashboard WIP

December 11, 2013

Hi guys! I’m back! 3 months ago, I’ve joined the team in Badoo and I’ve moved in London. So, if there’s someone from London, let’s have a beer (or rather Cider :) ) So press "L" for 3 free beers! Recently, I’ve received a lot of offer...