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by Jamie Syke

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ICNDY - eCommerce Clothing Site Freebie

Here have some stuff! Played around with a concept for a streetwear clothing site and decided to give it away. Fun fact: back in the late 2000's I actually ...

August 05, 2014

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YunoJuno Homepage

Earlier this year YunoJuno approached me to help them rebuild their platform alongside their team. The new version recently launched and this is the home...

July 07, 2014

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Syke - Personal Site Updates - Shiny New Blog Post

Concept for some tweaks to my blog as I'm hoping to start writing more articles aimed towards freelancers there. Let me know any feedback you may have. Also...

May 27, 2014

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Travellerr Concept

Concept for a personal. project me and a friend are considering undertaking. The site would allow you to find the quickest/cheapest way between two destinati...

February 04, 2014

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Syke - Personal Site Project Page + Site Launch

Launched my personal site today, check it out here and let me know any feedback or opinions. Also, happy new year! Hope everyone has had a good start to 201...

January 13, 2014

Keepsake Landing Page

Spend the entire weekend watching Star Wars and working on this, a random idea I came up with and thought I could try some cool things out design wise. All ...

November 18, 2013

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Syke - Personal Website Final Concept

Finished a couple weeks work on my personal site and I'm getting close to happy with it. Working for yourself is an absolute nightmare as you're your own har...

October 24, 2013

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Slide Landing Page

Something I made for fun on the way back down the country on my heavily delayed train from Glasgow to Manchester. I realised I needed to post more on here ...

June 06, 2013

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