Anyway.2017 Year-end Mini-site

March 01, 2018

At Anyway.FM design podcast, we produce year-end mini-site every year for fun 🎉 And for the past 2017, we designed and developed Anyway.2017 for all our listeners. You can take it as a mini game for Anytendo GameUncle! It's in Chinese b...

Analytttics - Unofficial Dribbble Activity Ratings

February 13, 2017

Last week I was inspired that maybe we can find a way to evaluate a dribbbler’s activities beyond followers count, so I spent a weekend digging deeper on this idea with Dribbble API and here comes it: Analytttics - Unofficial Dribbble A...

Plug in

Chinese Name Generator for Sketch - 生成随机中文人名的 Sketch 插件

December 20, 2016

A very simple Sketch plug-in I wrote to help generate Chinese names for text layers. 用来生成随机中文人名的一个 Sketch 插件,可作用在一个或多个文本框上,用到的姓和名没有完全按照我国各种名字的权威统计来,但应该也够用了~ 下载和源代码都在 GitHub 上:

Exploring Sans Serif Typeface

December 08, 2016

This typeface was designed for fun, contains 6 weights using 3 masters. I really thought it's far from release because there are too many details to complete 😂

Serif Typeface Experiment

August 16, 2016

Exploring on a new serif typeface, hope to finish it until......forever..... :D


Podcast RSS Editor

July 08, 2016

After hosting a design podcast, I started manually updating the RSS feed for every episode and quickly got sick of the 'tags dancing', so tried a little bit developing this simple podcast RSS editor / analytics tool in PHP for myself. A...

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Next Instagram App?

March 27, 2015

Just for fun....

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Typeface Design Exploration

September 30, 2014

Tried to design a whole set of typeface just for fun, much more difficult than I ever thought it could be...