Imagotype Tenetz

November 30, 2017

Here is the imagotype for Tenetz. A social network for tennis players.

Tennis Icons II

September 30, 2017

Hello Hello !!! Adding more Icons to the icon pack for tennis app. The full package is almost ready. ;) Enjoy it!!! :)

Tennis App - Day 04

September 29, 2017

Day 04 -Profile -Chat Room -Particular Chat

Tennis Icons, IOS-App

August 14, 2017

Hello Icons construction for an iOS App about tennis players. I will upgrade the full package soon. Enjoy it!!! :)


Tennis App - Day 02

July 21, 2017

Hello, hello!!! I started a new UI design project about tennis players. The logo concept was the first day work, but I preferred start upload with this shoot about icon construction. Soon I show you how looks the logo concept. I will co...