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by Indicius

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Los Tanfaun - Logo

Let us introduce you to the Tanfaun Family (aka "Los Tanfaun", spanglish version of "Lost and Found). If you lost something, they will find it. If you found ...

October 31, 2012


Los Tanfaun - Search Results

Once you search for an item, you'll get basic filter and sort options plus one or more of those boxes with item details that match your search criteria.

October 27, 2012


Los Tanfaun - Search Widget

Once we leave the Home Page, our Search Widget starts playing an important role. You can basically execute the 2 most important actions of the website using ...

October 27, 2012

Los Tanfaun - Search Box

We are working on the design of a "Lost & Found" type of website. This is the main area of the homepage, with focus on the search box.

October 24, 2012