10x18 #02: Something Else by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

December 13, 2018

The Brian Jonestown Massacre's Something Else. An old favorite band with an album true to their form. Quality psycha-shoegaze music that doesn’t disappoint. Check all the fave albums reimagined by artists over at www.10x18.co

10x18 #04: Negro Swan by Blood Orange

December 11, 2018

My #4 pick for 10x18: Negro Swan by Blood Orange. It's an incredibly vulnerable album about the trials and tribulations of being other. Checkout all the picks by artists at www.10x18.co

10x18 #6: Chris by Christine and the Queens

December 07, 2018

#6 on my favorite 2018 albums for 10x18, Chris by Christine and the Queens. The album is French singer Heloise Letissier presenting us with a package of raw emotion, silky yet powerful vocals, and 80s-informed sounds. Gradients run amock...

10x18 #8: Superorganism

December 05, 2018

#8 on the 10x18 countdown is Superorganism, a super group of friends who on a whim created a gloriously fun and unexpected album. Most of them are around 18. They wrote the album mainly by passing ideas around the house they shared (also...

10x18 #10: Caer by Twin Shadow

December 03, 2018

10X18 is here! 10X is a project started and curated by Eric Mortensen and Skinny Ships. Last year Amy and I did it together but this year we're doing our own countdowns so I can't ride on Amy's coat tails. She works so freaking fast and ...