Baby Light My Fire & Cabin Enamel Pins

December 20, 2017

Another collab with Cabin Love! Got two new pins with our favorite Cabineers at Cabin Love. Both available online now:

Buck Wild Chenille Patch

December 01, 2017

Our first ever chenille patch for Odds and Sods! We are so excited about this one. Took some time to have the manufacturers get it right. Felt base with embroidered details and iron on back, plus chenille water cause it's all about that ...

Go Get Em Tiger Letterpress Print

November 17, 2017

Go Get Em Tiger prints are finally here! This is the last page illustration in our e-book we are currently editing ( I know, I know, we keep saying that but we swear). I turned it into a print just in time for the holidays. Gold metallic...

Outsiders Club Seal / Patch

September 29, 2017

Making patches out of our Outsiders Club seal. HALP tho! Click the attachment and lemme know which color patch you like best. A, B, or C? Mocked them up on some beanies to help.

Portland City of Roses Pins

September 28, 2017

Here's one of the newer pins we dropped a few months back. This one might be my favorite. At least it's a tie with the Texas one! Check our website to grab one and see what other goodies we've got!

Long Gone Oregon Pin 02

September 28, 2017

Hard enamel "Long Gone in Oregon" pin featuring a babbling stream and all the leafy green things you find in the PNW. The forests up there are unreal. Available on

Poppy Bandana Detail

August 15, 2017

I haven't shared hardly any of the designs we've made for Odds and Sods, so there's about to be a serious dump on here! Here's one of my favorites: the Poppy Bandana. We printed these in red and vintage red on Japanese milled cotton. The...

Retro Texas Enamel Pin

August 04, 2017

Another new one... I know, I know... we're going a little nuts with all the new pins. But we were so excited to be speaking at Circles Conference in September in Dallas! And all that bottled excitement had to be funneled into something. ...