Tab bar icon

Tab Bar Label Micro Interaction

January 28, 2019

Trying to solve the label issue at the tab bar. Dribbble | Behance | Instagram

800x600 no yellow point gray

Iris Scanner Application

January 14, 2019

I hope someday, I would know my health just by scanning my eye with the phone. Eye artwork: christoffer_birkkjaer Dribbble | Behance | Instagram

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Loading v2

Calculating Loading Icon

January 07, 2019

Loading icon for a Match App Dribbble | Behance | Instagram

3D Icons

December 26, 2018

Icon Visualize: - Profile - Folder - Private Folder - Notification 3D render by Nhựt Dribbble | Behance | Instagram

Docutic Hero Exploration

December 17, 2018

I'm so happy that my previous shot about the document app tab bar has been receiving good attention. So I decided to make an image concept for the landing of that app. Let's meet Docutic, a cute mascot. Visual Practice Work - But I hop...

Gradient Practice

December 14, 2018

Finally, I'm now able to post an mp4 shot. This is my practice work for gradient coloring. Hope you enjoy it! Dribbble | Behance | Instagram

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Reading Profile Animation

October 31, 2018

An animation prototype of the previous shot Dribbble | Behance | Instagram

Sign Up Screens

October 29, 2018

Sign up screens for previous Travel App. You can check the other flow of this app here Dribbble | Behance | Instagram

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