HebaH Daily UI Challenge by HebaH

Since I've been focusing on UX lately I needed to freshen up my UI skills and add some color, fun, and laughter to my days...

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Nickelodeon App Icon

July 06, 2018

Nick nick na nick nick nick Nick-e-lo-deon... It was fun building the app icon, especially since I only had two colors to play with (orange and white.) Adding any other color would make the brand unrecognizable. Building the presentatio...

BMO Calculator

July 05, 2018

The most challenging part of this UI was finding the right typeface.

Banana Eyewear Landing Page

July 04, 2018

This page slowly went from an eyewear shop to an evil leader recruitment site hehe. Those minions and their tricks.

Marge Donuts Credit Card Checkout

July 03, 2018

I'm loving all the Easter eggs I'm leaving in the designs. I'm having so much fun designing those daily UI challenges. Constructive feedback is always welcome :D

Adventure Time Sign Up

June 29, 2018

Since I've been focusing on UX for the last 18 months, I need to freshen up my UI skills so I'm participating in the daily UI challenge.

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