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  1. 16 Jul Pro
    Ryan Hamrick
    Commented on Logotype Sketch 2016

    @Bob Ewing Just seeing this! Yeah, I was trying to compensate for the gap left by those two not connecting, and it was definitely a little tight in this sketch. Fixed it in "the vector machine" as a good friend of mine would say. ;)

    Thanks for the solid feedback, brother!

  2. 16 Jul Pro
    Ryan Hamrick
    Commented on Grid Pillow

    I'm always very impressed and inspired by the skill with which you combine and manipulate color in your work. Love these, man.

  3. 16 Jun Pro
    Ryan Hamrick
    Commented on EVERYONE

    It's funny because it's true.

  4. 14 Jun Pro
    Ryan Hamrick
    Dribbbled The Other Shirt as a rebound of The Other Shirt