I am a UX/UI designer, graphic designer and illustrator with 10+ years of working experience in the management of the complete design process, from conceptualization to delivery. I’m excited to be searching for a new role as a UX/UI designer at a great company.

As a recent graduate of the UX/UI Design Boot Camp at the University of Texas at Austin in October 2020, I have changed career paths by moving from print design to web and mobile design. I now specialize in Figma and Adobe Creative Suite along with being proficient at HTML/CSS, Constant Contact, Miro, Mural, Invision, 2020 Design, MS Office and more. I enjoy solving user problems in exciting and creative ways and am an expert at project coordination and communication. I’m a creative thinker and problem solver, dog lover and cartoon enthusiast! I currently live in Leander, TX with my husband of 10 years, Kevin, my baby girl, Chloe, and my long-haired miniature dachshund, Philip J. Fry.

Leander, TX

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