Img 98822 %283%29 Rebounds

by Stan Gursky

5 Shots

Music Player Widget - Rebound

A small rebound on @Rovane Durso great shot! Hit @2 for the double pixels! :)

March 30, 2013

Profile Widget Rebound

My take on Andreea Nicolaescu's Profile widget shot :) No chrome just content!

March 21, 2013

Dropbox rebound

Modern Art - Dropbox Rebound

Modern art: Reloaded :D

May 23, 2012

Lumia900 colors rebound

Lumia900 Colors Rebound

Dang! I forgot to add the mail icon (the icon on the right in the 2nd row) on the 1st rebound... I also added two more colors :)

April 04, 2012

Lumia900 rebound

Lumia900 Rebound

Looking at all those awesome pixel shots I decided to do one myself.. Here is my take/rebound on the small pixels :) Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone!

April 04, 2012