1. Odd Background Pattern daily pattern odd pattern odd pattern 59 dailyui
    View Odd Background Pattern
    Odd Background Pattern
  2. Shopping Cart ui daily 58 dailyui 058
    View Shopping Cart
    Shopping Cart
  3. Minimal Video Player (Youtube-Inspired) my process my process minimal inspiration dailyuichallenge daily 57 057 dailyui 057 dailyui video player youtube
    View Minimal Video Player (Youtube-Inspired)
    Minimal Video Player (Youtube-Inspired)
  4. Bread Crumbs. Small but important. small business small bread crumbs
    View Bread Crumbs. Small but important.
    Bread Crumbs. Small but important.
  5. Minimal Home Icon Pack icon pack ui daily 55 dailyui 055
    View Minimal Home Icon Pack
    Minimal Home Icon Pack
  6. Coin Account Confirmation account challenge ui daily 54 dailyui dailyui 054 confirmation count grid
    View Coin Account Confirmation
    Coin Account Confirmation
  7. Header Navigation dailyui053 053 simple nav
    View Header Navigation
    Header Navigation
  8. Kracken Creative Coding Team ui daily 52 dailyui 052 dailyui052 dailyuichallenge branding dailyui design minimal
    View Kracken Creative Coding Team
    Kracken Creative Coding Team
  9. Modern Landing (Entire desktop page) dailyuichallenge solutions etalk etalk solutions we make websites we make websites websites modern landing dailyui51 dailyui dailyui 051
    View Modern Landing (Entire desktop page)
    Modern Landing (Entire desktop page)
  10. Job Listing design dailyui developer etalk etalk solutions job listing minimal
    View Job Listing
    Job Listing
  11. Pull Notification challenge dailyui pull notification single font single font dailyui 049
    View Pull Notification
    Pull Notification
  12. "Soma Pills" by Apple (Brave New World Reference) satire joke gramme apple design dailyui048 coming soon happiness dailyui soma soma pills soma pills apple brave new world
    View "Soma Pills" by Apple (Brave New World Reference)
    "Soma Pills" by Apple (Brave New World Reference)
  13. Team Dashboard 47 dailyui chalemge dailyui chalemge activity app teams dailyui 047 dailyui team dashboad team dashboad team manage team manage 8pt grid activity feed
    View Team Dashboard
    Team Dashboard
  14. Payment Invoice etalk solutions solutions etalk branding minimal design money fund this project fund this project website brand identity payment invoice 46 046 dailyui dailyui 046
    View Payment Invoice
    Payment Invoice
  15. Teams Info Cards design our team etalk solutions etalk solutions etalk etalk chalenge ui daily 45 465 dailyui dailyui 045
    View Teams Info Cards
    Teams Info Cards
  16. Illustrated Community Favorites ui daily dailyui branding design minimal dailyui 044
    View Illustrated Community Favorites
    Illustrated Community Favorites
  17. Cafe Menu 43 dailyui 043 dailyuichallenge dailyui043 design minimal
    View Cafe Menu
    Cafe Menu
  18. Minimal ToDo list dailyui 042 dailyuichallenge dailyui branding design minimal
    View Minimal ToDo list
    Minimal ToDo list
  19. Golden Ratio Health App 41 sleep motivation training workout tracker health dailyui challenge dailyui 041 dailyuichallenge dailyui branding design minimal
    View Golden Ratio Health App
    Golden Ratio Health App
  20. Design Recipe recipe daily ui dailyuichallenge dailyui dailyui040 dailyui40 dailyui 040 40 design minimal
    View Design Recipe
    Design Recipe
  21. Testimonials clean minimal projects testimonials dailyui 039
    View Testimonials
  22. Todo Calendar daily ui calendar 38 user interface dailyuichallenge dailyui038 dailyui 038 dailyui design minimal
    View Todo Calendar
    Todo Calendar
  23. Watchful Weather Widget dailyui037 dailyui37 daily37 dailyui 037 37 branding design minimal dailyuichallenge
    View Watchful Weather Widget
    Watchful Weather Widget
  24. It is a good time to buy. special offer 36 daily ui 36 dailyui 036
    View It is a good time to buy.
    It is a good time to buy.
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