GogoApps Rebranding

December 05, 2018

HI! 👋 Great news for all our friends - clients and supporters. As a final step in our grand rebranding, we’ve prepared some #swag and we want to share it with you! So… who wants an orange socks? See the full case study: https://www.b...

Gogoapps id website 1

GogoApps - New Website

December 03, 2018

Hello again! 👋 We want to show you something we’re incredibly proud of. It’s GogoApps’ new website! Check out live: https://gogoapps.io Find out more about the redesign: https://www.behance.net/gallery/72805159/GogoApps-Rebranding C...

Gogoapps id fonts 1

GogoApps - Branding Fonts

November 28, 2018

Hi! 👋 Next up on GogoApps rebranding! It’s not easy to find a perfect font for the web. We decided to go with Averta Std. Geometric, functional, and with a clear personality. Do you like it? There’s more. See the full case study on ou...

Gogoapps logo 1

GogoApps Rebranding

November 26, 2018

Hey! 👋 How do you like our new branding? We’re going for a modern, dynamic style to express our young and driven team. As GogoApps grows, we’re focusing on things that make us who we are. Our name symbolizes the enthusiasm that keeps u...