Webstash Homepage

April 21, 2016

Hi, The last couple of weeks I worked on a (little) side project named Webstash. First I showed you the scroll experiment that is implemented in the homepage. After that I Dribbbled the icon for Webstash. Today I want to show you the ho...


Webstash Icon

March 29, 2016

Hey, The last couple of weeks I worked on a little side project named Webstash. Webstash surfaces the most beautiful websites, every day. It's a place for webdesign enthusiasts to admire today's best designs. The first version will la...


Parallax Experiment

February 02, 2016

Here’s a scroll experiment I'm messing around with for a new personal project. I quickly prototyped the effect in Framer, the grid is moving faster than the titles. I sort of like it but I’m still not sure about Parallax scrolling… Below...

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