Gender Select pt.2

May 15, 2015

I received some really incredible feedback when posting my last concept for a new way to perceive gender identification in data collection. One of the best pieces of feedback I got was this below: "Whenever I try to explain gender in ...

Gender slider

May 04, 2015

An idea from a conversation I had with @michael volovar about how we're tired of seeing UX force folks into one of two gender buckets. Not everyone needs to be funneled - ya know.

Non Linear

February 18, 2014

Folders have a way of coming between me and the files that I require instantly. I'm working on the first pass of wires for a project that will help folks store and retrieve their files more intuitively. More to come, always love to hea...


February 20, 2013

Working on a little something with a friend, hope to share soon. Always love to hear feedback, Thanks.

Delightful People

January 06, 2013

Getting a few ideas from paper into Photoshop to share with a client. Would love to hear your feedback.

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