#homwork You Will Get There

July 04, 2019

It's been quite awhile since I have done any homwork lettering challenges. ☺️ This past Friday's challenge was to letter or illustrate some words of wisdom that you think someone (or yourself) needs to hear. @homsweethom @winkandwonder #...

Mock Up Client Project

March 14, 2019

#homwork lettering challenge by @homsweethom. The latest homwork was to create something you wish you could do as a client project. I made up this client project as if I was making a hand lettered gift card for Target. It is my dream t...

Homwork - Favorite Things 2019

February 09, 2019

1st #homwork of 2019 lettering challenge by @homsweethom We were to letter all of our favorite things in one image! My very first post on Instagram that also got over 1000 likes. Woot! Other places you can find me: Behance | Instagram ...

Homwork 46 Meowy Christmas

December 08, 2018

Have a Meowy Christmas everyone. This was week 46 of the #homwork lettering challenge by Lauren Hom (@homesweethom) on instagram. Other places you can find me: Behance | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Patreon

You're My Purrkin

October 11, 2018

"You're My Purrkin". Week 39 #homwork lettering challenge by @homsweethom and @adamgrason. The challenge was to create a Valentine's Day piece for someone you love or appreciate but Halloween themed. I want to tag my Husband and two cats...

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Don't Dwell on Negativity Grow on Positivity

August 26, 2018

I made this for a friend and decided to use it for my week 32 #homwork lettering challenge by @homsweethom partnering with Adobe Creative Cloud @adobedrawing. If you could go back in time what advice would you tell your younger self? Thi...

Homwork 25 700 by 700

Homwork 25

July 03, 2018

#homwork Week 25. Lettering Challenge Prompt By Lauren Hom @homsweethom. This week was to watch our favorite comedian or a movie/show that makes you laugh. I decided to choose my favorite comedian Bo Burnham. He turns comedy into song. T...

Homwork22 400 by 400

My Life Motto

June 16, 2018

#homwork Week 22. Lettering Challenge Prompt By Lauren Hom @homsweethom. You can find the challenges and sign up here >>>> Challenge Archive/Sign Up. Week 22 was to letter your life motto. This was something quick I made not...