1. Brochure Design broshure illustrator illustraion barchart piechart vector typography icon georgia georgian card data woman illustration visualization forest design
    Brochure Design
  2. Factographs about Women's Economic Inactivity in Georgia georgian home blue icons icon barchart piechart charts typography data card woman girl visualization design forset iluustration illustrator cards georgia
    Factographs about Women's Economic Inactivity in Georgia
  3. Factograph about Women data visualization dataviz unwomen economic husband wife vector visualisation charts georgia data chart typography card woman girl visualization forset illustration design
    Factograph about Women
  4. 8 March - Happy women's day! girl after effect animation forset design illustration woman illustration international internationalwomensday gender equality rights day women woman 8 march she future her
    8 March - Happy women's day!
  5. Child Marriage in Georgia human rights right girls card vector design visualization family georgia forset care child care woman marriage illustration girl child
    Child Marriage in Georgia
  6. Early Marriage in Georgia she education future pregnancy report visualization forset vector card marriage early child woman girl illustration girl design illustration
    Early Marriage in Georgia
  7. Year of the pig! typography pink piggy pig new year 2019 new year illustration holidays forset design data celebrate  character branding animation animaiton after effect 2019
    Year of the pig!
  8. Piggy excited for New Year 🎉 pink purple photoshop animaiton after effect happy new year holidays celebrate visualization data forset branding new year pig piggy new year 2019 2019 animation design illustration
    Piggy excited for New Year 🎉
  9. Happy chromosome animation lgbt lgbtq gay rights flag gay dna gene genetic genes illustration design
    Happy chromosome
  10. Wine Making: Pride Of Georgia (Icons) grape winemaking wine visualization vector satsnakheli red wine kvevri graphicdesigner georgianwine forset design chacha qvevriwine icon logo illustration georgian
    Wine Making: Pride Of Georgia (Icons)
  11. Qvevri red wine georgian kvevri wine qvevriwine satsnakheli chacha georgianwine graphicdesigner forset visualization vector icon design illustration
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